Portrait of company Franz Hoffmann in Stuttgart, wholesale supplier and exporter of fine leather goods

Since 1925 this company is specialized in bookbinding leather, restoration leather, object leather and genuine skin parchments, and has been a well established name in the field as a major supplier and partner to generations of case makers, bookbinders, publishing companies and industrial bookbinderies.

An extensive selection of products, expert knowledge and efficient service are the reasons why customers from all over the world have remained loyal to the firm for many decades.

The current product range includes more than 840 articles and colours, from handmade 'vintage leather', naturally tanned and stained 'Niger' and genuine 'Maroquin' goat leather and pure vegetable- tanned, hand- grained luxury ‘morocco leather’ to sheets of modern bookbinding leather and economical materials made from leather fibres as ‘bonded leather’ in thicknesses of 0.25mm or more.

Johann- Joachim Dargel, nephew of the company's founder, was employed in the business in 1950 and he later also took over the management of the company from the founder and former bookbinder Mr. Franz Hoffmann, who died in 1961.

After more than 55 years in the business, Johann- Joachim Dargel has fulfilled his dreams through and, due to his age, he has placed his life's work in the hands of a most suitable successor.

Since 1th January 2007, Th. Schmidt has continued to lead this well established company in expert tradition of both of his predecessors.

He is a skilled tanner and leather technologist who trained in the formally German Leather Institute of Reutlingen, and his many years of experience in the industry and energetic approach will take forward the legacy of the traditional company name 'Franz Hoffmann- Feinleder'.


Today, 'Franz Hoffmann- Feinleder' continues to produce and sell specific leather and parchment for dozens of niche industries. 


Franz 'Franz Hoffmann- Feinleder' confirm that all leathers are from non non- protected animals to be tanned/ re- tanned as a side product upon the latest standards of European non- hazardous and enivromental friendly tanning methods.


With an expanded selection of materials, and a drive to continue perfecting our process, we are all excited to carry on our tradition and see what new projects come our way.


Th. Schmidt, a reflexion on myself, what is my challenge . . . ?


"The moments when I get completely lost in a task are some of the most beautiful things I experience in my job.


Getting into the flow and forgetting yourself is what I enjoy most when choosing leather or developing new items in tanneries.


I experience again and again that this immersion brings about completely new things.


And often different from what I had theoretically considered beforehand".




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Buchbinderleder-, Beispiele- und Messeständer zu internationalen Fachausstellungen, ab Juli 2011

Bericht IHK- Magazin- Stuttgart, Ausgabe 10/2012
Bericht Stuttgarter-Wochenblatt, Ausgabe Nr. 39/57, 2011

Internationale Messen und Tagungen


Boston- USA, internationale Buchbinder- und Portefeuillemesse Guild of Bookworkers, Oktober 2011


Personal company and production facility visit attention Mr. Huges Low in Singapore, January 2019

Biography Franz Hoffmann

Mr. Hoffmann was born in the year 1881 and he learned his job as askilled bookbinder in the city of Hannover.


Later Mr. Hoffmann has been travelling in central Europe as a foreman until he established 1925 the company Franz Hoffmann- Feinleder in Stuttgart- West, Breidscheidstr. 127.


After a long serious sickness he passed away on 7th March 1961. The photo was taken in the year 1942.


At that time Mr. Hoffmann was ~ 61 year old.


Currently we take the opportunity to update our customers regarding the affliction of honorable Mr. Johann-Jochaim Dargel the nephew of company founder Franz Hoffmann- Feinleder.


A very fulfilled life has been find and end.


He passed away on Easter- Sunday 27th March 2016 at the age of 85.


We never forget his many personal and life experienced advices during our time of company take over in the year 2006 and in his many visits after this time with him as well.


It has been unbelievable but sometimes he treat us like a father.


We will never forget his character and respect him in our own life so long we live.


Thank you dear Mr. Dargel!







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