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Schärffix® Leather-paring device

The Schärffix® works well with all soft leathers. Harder skins, like pig, should be moistened with a wet squeezed-out sponge on the flesh-side before skiving.

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Leather- care auxiliaries


"Leather - a fine natural product - needs correct and effective treatment".


"Maroquin"- leather balm, a neutral- liquid suspension 250ml


For careful cleaning and preservation of cracked and hard leather.

It cleans the pores, enables the leather to breathe again and makes it smooth and supple.


The benefit is much greater. The effect can be heightened considerably if both sides
of the leather are treated.


Gildings and blind toolings are not damaged; on the contrary, they stand out even better after the

 "Maroquin"- neutral- vaseline / paste 75g


Is a mild and long-lasting effect auxhillary.

The ideal product for the treatment of high-quality leather, whether bookbindings, luggage, saddlery, utility objects or collectors items.


Dried-out leather regains elasticity and a fresh appearance.


Remaining longer fibres after leather cutting for restoration will be almost eliminated. 


Gildings and blind toolings stand out better after treatment.


MAROQUIN leather care products „do justice to leather“.


They consist of the same synthetic greases which are employed today for tanning.


They are easily and quickly effective as their use does not involve subjecting leather products, especially sensitve collectors items, to a stressful working process.


The simultaneous cleaning and preserving effect is astonishing.


We recommend to make tests before treatment on larger leather areas with MAROQUIN leather neutral vaseline!



Anilin- Lederfarben / nicht bronzierend / zum restaurieren- und selbsteinfärben am Objekt für perfekte Resultate

Aniline-leathercolors- Colorcard: [Download- PDF]

Leder selbsteinfärben am Objekt / Färbe- Instruktion


Aniline-leathercolors: [Download- PDF]


Nachfolger/in aus Altersgründen für diese seit 1925 international etablierte und erfolgreiche Firma...


Aniline bovine leather No. 190-D golden brown. This most popular article- and warehouse color is...


High- quality bare leather- half hides to be treated in constantly several months taking with pure...

Firma Franz Hoffmann - Feinleder
Bucheinbandleder, Objektleder - Echte Hautpergamente