Bovine- suede leather


Classical bovine- suede side (butt) leather article which has a very fine velvet- like nap which is smoothly buffed on both sides.


Available thicknesses: 0,9 – 1,1mm.


Yield in area varies within between 1,2 - 1,8m² per butt.

This bovine suede (split)- leather from South German cow hides is available in seven warm colors and allows universal applications due to especially short and compact fiber structures after re-tanning.


The production of clear paring, cutting and format- making on this leather is most economical and easy.


There is a wide range for applications on this economical article. 





bovine- suede leather , black

Article number: 800SP

bovine- suede leather, chestnut

Article number: 802SP

bovine- suede leather, classic bordeaux

Article number: 804SP

bovine- suede leather, gray

Article number: 806SP

bovine- suede leather, darker- beige

Article number: 808SP

bovine- suede leather, brown

Article number: 801SP

bovine- suede leather, cognac

Article number: 803SP

bovine- suede leather, petrol blue

Article number: 805SP

bovine- suede leather, bright- beige

Article number: 807SP

bovine- suede leather, bright- grey

Article number: 809SP


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