Camel- leather

Hand wiped and buffed, vegetable tanned (REACH European Standard), thickness: 0,7 - 0,9 / 1,0 - 1,2mm, mediaeval-vintage style, colour: rust- red, Aniline dyed


Camel meat and milk are still today major subsistence products and camles widely farmed in arid regions since millennia ago.


Our camel leathers are locally collected as a by-product of the meat industry which would otherwise go to waste.


This leather has been put through a special Aniline- colour drum dying process in the retanning. Irregulations in colour and structure are a desired effect and give this article its unique character. It is possible that the colour may bleed onto other light fabrics. These effects are part of its appearance and do not implicate any quality decrease.


To ensure the lasting happiness with this unique camel bookbinding- and book restoration leather article please avoid storage at bright light and follow our care instructions.



Antique- Camel- leather

Article number: 399-C

buffed & hand wiped- mediaeval, vegetable- tanned


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