Deer-/venison leather

Original chamois leather, conventional- mechanical tanning method, buffed on both sides, for
mediaeval fixed sheet bindings, mediaeval garment subjects, or as fine leather fly- leaf.


Those leathers will be offered for technical purposes such as for buffing or polishing in thicknesses 0,8 - 1,8mm as well.

Original chamois deer and venison leather, yellowish, grey/ yellow

Article-Number: 415

mediaeval tacking bounds,
pouch books, knight armours,
mediaeval tacking bounds,
specific leather for music instruments,
excellent blind tooling and coloration properties with water based Aniline dyes,
excellent hand gilding properties

Chamois deer & Venison leather

Article-Number: 415
traditional oil tanned


Nachfolger/in aus Altersgründen für diese seit 1925 international etablierte und erfolgreiche Firma...


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