Natural skin parchments

Unique inner softness, 0,1 – 0,25mm, to be buffed on one- or both sides, white ivory coloured, natural or veined.


Due to the inner softness the material is not rolling up and the work on object is making easier.


0,3 - 0,4mm most suitable for arts, heraldry, figure- drawing, interior, lamp covering, writing and calligraphy.


It is a durable medium for illuminations and calligraphy that can handle corrections as well.


It can also be dyed and tooled to create stunning results.


We pride ourselves on offering parchments in keeping with historical and traditional standards.


This gives us a range of parchments that appeals to conservators and modern book artists alike that you will find nowhere else.


Specific inflammable protection for interior upon request.  Individual tooling with laser upon request. 


Kindly follow our link to the JOURNAL OF PAPER CONSERVATION Art in Translation for more details regarding this subject:


PARCHMENT, PARCHEMIN, PERGAMENT, PERKAMENT 2021, Issue 13.4 from Mrs. Caroline Danforth, Preservation Framing in the National Gallery of Art in 2000B South Club Drive,       MD- 20875 Landover, USA



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