calculation assist for leather

If you may send us your full private/or commercial details, our current price list will be send to you accordingly by e- Mail as PDF- document attached.


Kindly multiply the average size of each goat skin by 5,5 - 11,0sqft (square feet) = 0,5 - 1,02m² with the net. prize per sqft in our price- list.


Similar is the area calculation on sheep skins and skivers, but the yield in area is more belly pronounced.

For pig- leather kindly multiply the area yield of each skin from 8,0 - 15,0sqft with the net. prices in our price list.


Bovine hides varies by ½ (half- hide) and 1/1 (whole hide) = 2,5m² to 6,0m².


Horse skins to be sold as 1/1 (whole skin) may vary within between 3,5m² - 5,0m².

Calf skins varies by 0,7m² - 1,6m².

Please find our article specification for more technical details regarding our restoration leathers.

You may research allmost every colour varity to leather in the PANTONE- or KALIKO fabric finder .

Regarding the shipping costs we will find the most economical way by German Mail DHL or for faster service UPS or FedEx.

Herewith we confirm that all specific leather articles from calf, bovine, sheep, pig and goat skins (leathers without wool) are finished leathers for bookbinding and book- restoration originate from countries inside the EU-state federation.


We may deliver all articles on minimum order amounts in ready to bind book formats whole over edge pared and ready thinned on the required thicknesses.


Kindly ask for special offers due leather overhangs from publishing companies and industrial bookbinderies.


Those leathers may offered always economical. If not other declared I/II A assortments are 5%, II A assortments are 10% cheaper.


All displayed leather articles- and colours are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any specific research.

We confirm that all leathers are from non- protected animals to be tanned/re- tanned and finished as a side product upon the latest standards of non-hazardous and environmental friendly tanning methods.

We guarantee the quality satisfactory of our specific leather articles subject to the general terms of sale and delivery.

If you may need some more information please feel free to contact us anytime.


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