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Company Euro- terms & conditions for leather articles & natural skin parchments 01 / 2023


All enclosed leather articles, colours- and skin parchments based on our regular wholesale ware. Other articles and specials may delivered on minimum order volumes when temporarily not available upon request. Consider to order bigger volumes please ask for individual offers along your needed leather area- yield or amount of formats. Our direct substitutions to tanneries allow us very cheap and flexible deliveries. Due long time leather- making experience we are able to generate own tanning technologies for approved quality leathers with attached documentation. We’re glad to supply your designed leathers by contract tanning upon your individual or specific request inside the EU- state federation.


Example colour range are still on display. All other colours maybe available upon your individual request. Specifications of the above mentioned articles may be adapted to fit your exact needs (size, thickness, area yield, selection, grain- properties). All leathers displayed on this web site will represent a limited number of our articles and products only. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail with your full individual / commercial contact details for any specific research. We will reply you promptly. Colors can vary according to your computer screen and other technical parameters.


In case you cannot find what you're looking for in our collection we invite you to get in touch with us in order to discuss about designing a product regarding all physical properties you may need.


  • Please send a sample of what you're looking for and we will design it for you


  • We will fit the product to your samples or on PANTONE references in general. You may send us a reference swatch as an paper or textile sample as well

Volume order delivery time

  • Between 3 and 5 weeks

Minimum quantities

  • 500 sqft or 45 - 55m² per colour or grained article

prices per sqft or m² / 01 sqft = 0,0929m² (measuring steps in 0,25, 0,5, 0,75 and 1,0 sqft) / leather calculations in: 1m² = 10,764 sqft /

sqft = sqare feet

This draft version without prizes is an overview on our current wholesale program:


draft version/Euro- terms & conditions for all fancy bookbinding leather articles & natural skin parchment 2022: [Download- PDF]


Please request the pricelist by giving your contact details in personal. 


Gladly we will send it to you in personal.


If you need natural skin parchments (through dyed / cloudy / with inflammable protection or with individual laser applications as well) in smaller area yield (book backs) or even ready to bind book formats on bigger order volumes, kindly ask for our special offers. Please consider a longer period for manufacturing.

Aniline-leathercolors- solvent based, water soluable: [Download- PDF]

Aniline-leathercolors- solvent based, water soluable, colorcard: [Download- PDF]

Aniline- leather dyes

single package with

100ml   content size


1000ml content size


Leather- care auxiliaries "Maroquin"- - neutral- liquid suspension, archive quality250ml


"Maroquin"- neutral- vaseline / paste, archive quality90g



Minimum orders for leather- care and leather- dye products may only processed together with a regular purchase of leather.


All listed prices on this document are based on specific order volumes, kinds of articles, available quality and colours

We may deliver all articles on minimum order amounts in ready to bind book formats whole over edge pared and ready thinned on the required thicknesses. Kindly ask for special offers due leather overhangs from publishing companies and industrial bookbinders. Those leathers may offered always economical. If not other declared I/II A assortments are 5%, II A assortments are 10% cheaper.

All displayed leather articles- and colours are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any specific research.

Aniline dyed leather articles obtain a limited specification on light fastness even when they re-tanned and dyed upon the latest technological standards. Natural colour deviations of these leathers are reserved. We are compelled to add 19% turnover taxes on our selling prices. These taxes will not added on deliveries in foreign countries outside the EU- confederation. Coming changes of our terms of deliveries are reserved. Turnover taxes will not added on deliveries inside the EU- confederation if you let us know your commercial turnover and official governmental business tax number (VAT NO). Any changes on our delivery terms & prices are reserved.

Our shipments be dispatched most economically and safe from our warehouse in Stuttgart- Germany or ex- works with UPS / DHL / FedEx Trade Networks / DACHSER logistics. Additional packing and insurance costs are fair charged as well. Our invoices to foreign countries paid in advance with a 2% discount on the main- (net.) pro- forma purchase. Kindly allow that deliveries to private individuals or any new customers may processed on pre- cash with a 2% discount on the main- (net.) purchase in pro- forma PDF- generated invoices.

Our application recommendations are in line with our present state of knowledge. They do not however exempt the customer from performing his own tests to determine the suitability of the supplied articles for their intended purposes. We guarantee the satisfactory quality of our leather articles subject to our general terms of sale and delivery. We confirm that all leathers are from non- protected animals to be tanned/re-tanned as a side product upon the latest standards of non- hazardous and environmental friendly tanning methods.

Our shipped articles to customers, even in status of manufacturing will belong to our property until a complete payment of debit. Legal processing units of our company listed and located for both parts on inferior court no. HRA No. 2.474 in Stuttgart- Germany. Our customs clearance EORI number is 6610587. We take objections and claims into consideration within 06- working days after receipt of our goods. Deliveries for sampling may to charge after 08- days of whereabouts in the location of our customer if not other agreed.

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