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Example colour range are still on display. All other colours maybe available upon your individual request. Specifications of the above mentioned articles may be adapted to fit your exact needs (size, thickness, area yield, selection, grain- properties). All leathers displayed on this web site still represent a limited number of our articles and products only. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any specific research. We will reply you promtly. Colors may vary according to your computer screen and other technical parameters.


Leather is still a natural product, and each skin will have characteristics that distinguish real leather from its synthetic counterpart.


Real leather will show growth marks, healed scars, and areas of differing fibre density.


These hallmarks of natural leather in no way detract from the wearing qualities, of real leather and make each skin unique.


No two skins are alike.


Due to varying grain structure, dyes and finishes penetrate to different degrees in different parts of the skin to give each skin quite natural and attractive colour variations.


While every effort is made to achieve uniformity, this is not always possible.


Our Services


In case you can not find what you're looking for in our collection we invite you to get in touch with us in order to discuss about designing a product regarding all physical properties you may need.


  • Please send a sample of what you're looking for and we will design it for you
  • Kindly request our offers for format making, shaving and tooling with our leather as well



  • We will fit the product to your samples or on PANTONE references in general


Delivery time

  • Between 3 and 5 weeks


Minimum quantities

  • 500 sqft per colour / 45 - 55m² per colour



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Company Delivery Terms & Conditions: [Download- PDF]


REACH // Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals for our leather delivery range [Download- PDF]


REACH // Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals für unser gesamtes Leder Lieferprogramm [Download- PDF]


Some of our leathers has been put through a special Aniline- colour drum dying process in the retanning. Irregulations in colour and structure are a desired effect and give this article its unique character. It is possible that the colour may bleed onto other light fabrics. These effects are part of its appearance and do not implicate any quality decrease.


To ensure the lasting happiness with these specific bookbinding leathers such as the unique camel leather, Oasis-/Nigerian and Maroquin goat leather articles please avoid storage at bright light and follow our care instructions.


Aniline bovine leather No. 190-D golden brown. This most popular article- and warehouse color is...


High- quality bare leather- half hides to be treated in constantly several months taking with pure...


A hand or machine buffed mediaeval bovine- or calf leather for specific this leather is designed for...

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