Colors / the Pantone colour array

Please roll up the Pantone colours. This fan- shape will describe your specific colour request much easier for us. If  you may need our leather calcualtion in a specific colour please send us your official colour reference even in textile or paper as well.


Example colour range are still on display. All other colours maybe available upon your individual request. Specifications of the above mentioned articles may be adapted to fit your exact needs (size, thickness, area yield, selection, grain- properties). All leathers displayed on this web site still represent a limited number of our articles and products only. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any specific research. We will reply you promtly. Colours can vary according to your computer screen and other technical parameters.


Our Services


In case you can not find what you're looking for in our collection we invite you to get in touch with us in order to discuss about designing a product regarding all physical properties you may need.


  • Please send a sample of what you're looking for and we will design it for you


We will fit the product to your samples or on PANTONE array references in general.




Pdf-Download array with 16 Pages.

Chromatic triangle for colour matching

On the sides of the triangle are the shades by mixing the pure spectral colors yellow and red, red and blue, blue and yellow.


As a colour matching help on restoration and boobinding the area within the triangle is occupied by the shades which contain components of all three basic colours.



Textile/fabric colour matching on leather

The Colour Selector of Bamberger Kaliko Textile Finishing GmbH.


A quick reference for perfect colour matching with textile/fabric in combination on our bookbinding, object- and fancy good leather.

Direct Link to the Colour Selector:


Nachfolger/in aus Altersgründen für diese seit 1925 international etablierte und erfolgreiche Firma...


Aniline bovine leather No. 190-D golden brown. This most popular article- and warehouse color is...


High- quality bare leather- half hides to be treated in constantly several months taking with pure...

Firma Franz Hoffmann - Feinleder
Bucheinbandleder, Objektleder - Echte Hautpergamente