Monumento – Important trade fair for monument preservation will be held from 20th – 21th January 2022 in Salzburg. This international platform starts into the sixth European cultural round . . .

"Check everything, believe little . . . , think for yourself is my content due to this inconceivable times." The greatest damage is caused by the silent majority that submits and goes along with everything without questioning itself. (Sophie Scholl)

Aniline bovine leather No. 190-D golden brown. This most popular article- and warehouse color is available again


Link Aniline bovine leather No. 190-D golden brown


High- quality bare leather- half hides to be treated in constantly several months taking with pure vegetable tannings especially for materials with highest tensile strength.


Link Belt-, harness-, saddle bare leather


A hand or machine buffed mediaeval bovine- or calf leather for specific this leather is designed for specific books- and objects with outstanding antique appearance

- tanning: vegetable- synthetic, mineral


- finishing: hot waxed pull- up effect by manual or machine buffing


- very good results on gilding/blind tooling by using most common...


Eel- bookbinding leather panles in 40 color variations can be used for very individual books, portfolios- and objects. 


About 60 x 120cm area yield per paneling in artistically stitching,tanning: vegetable- synthetic.


Material thickness in very high tensile strenght: 0,05 - 0,1mm.

finishing: Casein, manually glazed, leather domestic...


Jedes Jahr Ende April findet auf der Internationalen Buchmesse in Abu Dhabi ein kulturelles Highlight von großer Strahlkraft für die gesamte arabische Welt statt.

In einer feierlichen Zeremonie  werden im Kunstmuseum Louvre Abu Dhabi die neuen Preisträger der Sheikh Zayed Book Awards prämiert.

Die Awards zählen zu den renommiertesten Preisen für...


Very fine grained and high valued bookbinding- object and restoration leather, elegant dull shade, 12- colours, Aniline- dyed, vegetable- / mineral tanning combination- tight grained is very close to the character of calf leather.


11- master craftsman in bookbinding take the opportunity to visit the 4. Leather Workshop in Stuttgart in the month of December 2018.
Those workshops for the Munich master classes will be held every two years in Stuttgart.
Many thanks for this brisk interest & always success in this craftsmanship

This small leather quide is a brief technical summary...


112- colors on open grained bovine semi- Aniline dyed bookbinding and interior with an elegant silky shine.
A beautiful easy to care semi- Aniline dyed bovine leather for bookbinding and interior, thickness: 0,9 – 1,1mm.
Elegant unique appearance, silky shine, suitable for universal applications due its wide range of brilliant colors and gentle...


Bison leather

Original Canadian Bison- leather, Aniline- dyed, thickness: 1,2 – 1,4 mm with a very unique but not too coarse look and warm softness, without loose grain.

Available in Ia- luxury qualities only.


 "lizard, ostrich, ray and wiped leather" to be used on various possibilities for bookbinding, room-/furniture coverings and wallet-/ bag leather. Object and interior leather

Firma Franz Hoffmann - Feinleder
Bucheinbandleder, Objektleder - Echte Hautpergamente