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Company Franz Hoffmann©- Feinleder consist as well owners and guardians of historic buildings (private, commercial and industrial), their management staff, their professional advisers and a range of professionals who either purchase or influence the purchase of the variety of specific leather articles needed and used by this developing market sector.


Company Franz Hoffmann© is a worldwide supplier, manufacturing warehouse and unique wholesale company of fine leathers and natural skin parchments for specific leathers subjects on bookbinding, book- restoration, wallet/- case making, organ building, musical instrument making, conservation and restoration.


Our customers are hand- and industrial bookbinders, edition- and publishing companies, book- restorers, antiquarians, memorial- conservators, archives, libraries, museums, book- dealers, applied art designers, case- and wallet makers, props for film studios, objects/interior designers, interior- and concept decorators, tailor- and dress makers, furniture makers, interior- architects, organ- and music instrument makers, bow- makers, jewellery makers, and private individuals.      

Offering specific leathers involved in care, repair and conservation of historic antiques to meet with both potential and existing clients who are responsible for listed buildings, cathedrals, churches, manor houses, historic town centres, Europe or worldwide industrial built heritage.


The current product range includes more than 840 articles and colours, from handmade 'vintage leather', naturally tanned and stained 'Niger' and genuine 'Maroquin' goat leather and pure vegetable- tanned, hand- grained luxury ‘morocco leather’ to sheets of modern bookbinding leather and economical materials made from leather fibres as ‘bonded leather’ in thicknesses of 0.25mm or more.


Sustainability and social resposibility are clear to our hearts, forming an integral part of the Franz Hoffmann- Feinleder value - since 1925



Specific leather for interior objects and other art craftsmen activities


Our supply of specific leathers allow a combination of impressive traditional know-how divided in three subjects:

Franz-Hoffmann- Feinleder Lager- Stuttgart- West
  • Production and restoration of leather furniture and their accessories (leather seats, flat desk uppers, sides of secretaire or finery of office desks)
  • Interior design with production of leather wall panels, leather screens, and modern sculptures as well
  • Fine leather for jewelry boxes, instrument cases or smaller cases and for restoration as well


Our leathers can be used for traditional works or on fashioned innovations and can be individually dressed or can be hand finished later on.


Those finishing allows if required resistance/light- fast to sunshine and water/water repellent, or it can be improved individually for proper physical functions in gilding, tooling or ground breaking matchings with laser technology.


Fine leather goods and accessories


Aware of seasonal trends we're supplying leathers to famous brands in the luxury industry or to independent craftsmen and designers.


Getting inspired from international leather fairs we're offering a wide range of specific bovine, calf, heifer, goat, lamb, pig and exotic leathers upon the request of our customers.


Specialised in projects our team can create various leather articles still from the tanning, re- tanning and finishing.


Today, our company continues to produce quality leather and parchment for dozens of niche industries. 


With an expanded selection of materials, and a drive to continue perfecting our process, we are all excited to carry on our tradition and see what new projects come our way.


Actively we assist our customers within the whole process of leather evaluation until finsihing.

We may ready to train bookbinders, restorers, stylists, prototype developers and employees of our customers in searching for suitable leather articles.

You may wish more informations about that? 

Kindly request an offer for a practical exposé as leather workshop of our company.





We manufacture skins from raw to finish according to the requirements of our customers.


Our manufacturing include full vegetable, vegetable-synthetic, vegetable- mineral as combination tanning processes and a full chrome tannage based on natural white crust for Aniline, semi- Aniline and pigmented or even embossed leather article subjects.


We're glad in looking forward to receive your request.









Nachfolger/in aus Altersgründen für diese seit 1925 international etablierte und erfolgreiche Firma...


Aniline bovine leather No. 190-D golden brown. This most popular article- and warehouse color is...


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